Boston in the cold

“The good news is that it’ll be 7 degrees on our first day; the bad news is it’ll drop to minus 12 in the following 48 hours.” I knew this isn’t what my sister had envisioned when I convinced her to take a spring break in Boston but it hadn’t even occurred to me that […]

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Cooking in Rome

“What is the pasta that goes with bolognese sauce?” asked Chef Andrea to group of cooks hoping to learn how to create delicious Italian dishes in his kitchen. I knew this one. “Spaghetti,” I confidently said with a smug look on my face. “NOOOO! That is how you do it in your country, but now you […]

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Rome top five

How can anyone sum up in Rome in a few sentences? Centre of one of the greatest empires ever seen, home of the gladiators, stunning architecture on every turn, the Vatican City and food that is eaten the world over. A gorgeous city at any time of year I was lucky enough to visit during winter […]

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