Copa90’s Global Talent Search

This post first appeared on the KickStart Ghana blog. Are you passionate about football? Think you have what it takes to represent Africa in telling football stories to the world? Then this competition is for you. Copa90 are looking for six football fanatics, one from each continent, to tell football stories from around the globe. […]

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Band Aid: Stop the stereotypes

I don’t need to explain why Band Aid 30 can have a detrimental affect on the wider communities of Sub-Sarahan Africa, it’s been done so eloquently by Fuse ODG, Ben Keene, Cecilia Lynch on Africa is a Country and Bim Adewumni. The evidence on the damage that stereotyping and ignorance can have is also highlighted in […]

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I love Ghana because…

One of my favourite projects in the summer was, with a lot of help from Coco, meeting people and asking what is was about Ghana that they loved so much. Patriotism certainly isn’t a dirty word in Ghana and the flag can be seen proudly flying everywhere you travel  with the national anthem is sung […]

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Church at St Cecilia’s

On Sunday the whole KickStart Ghana Summer School team were invited to meet the community of the church that is connected to the school. We were all really honoured to be invited (even if 7am was a little early…) and were asked to introduce ourselves to the 300 people at the service. The Father also […]

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