What’s it like to be a woman in Ghana?

Another fantastic blog from Steph, volunteering with VSO in Ghana, looking at the role of women in Ghana.

Steph in Ghana: Tales from a Development Volunteer

Now, when I say ‘Ghanaian woman’, what do you think of?

For the next three posts, I’d like to introduce you to some women I’ve met here. Firstly, Mirabelle:

Who are you, what do you do and how do you know Stephanie?

It’s 2014. I’m Mirabelle Ethel Moreaux, a Ghanaian national currently residing in Sakumono in the Accra Metropolis. I work as an Investment Officer for Injaro Agricultural Company Holdings Limited, an impact investor with offices in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. I met Stephanie through my work with Sekaf Ghana Limited, a current portfolio company of my employer, Injaro.

Mirabelle Moreaux Bio Picture

Where are you from originally and can you describe your upbringing?

My parents are both Ghanaians from along the coast of Ghana  – Jamestown for my mother who is from the Ga ethnic group and Elmina, for my father who is from the Fante ethnic group. I have an older sister and brother…

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