KickStart Ghana Party 2012

On Saturday 13th October we hosted our annual party celebrating the successes of KickStart Ghana, giving a big thanks to those that have volunteered with us and explaining why people might want to get involved with our work in the future.


Over the past four years we have many successes, here are few we discussed at the party:

  • Over £40,000 fundraised since 2008
  • Almost 100 volunteers sent to Ghana
  • Four football teams supported
  • Many renovated and painted classrooms
  • Summer activity and reading clubs for children in Ho
  • New mattresses, a water tank and steady food supply for a children’s home.

This has led to around 1800 people directly benefiting from KickStart Ghana’s work in Ho. Over 600 more people will continue to benefit over the next 12 months.

This was also a chance for for the KickStart Ghana trustees to thank the many volunteers, fundraisers and supporters, both in the UK and Ghana, that ensure that the charity can continue to do the work that it does.
We also put a call out for newfundraisers and volunteers to come forward. Without these people the charity will not be able to build on its previous successes.
We hope that everyone that attended enjoyed themselves (the photo album indicate that they did!) and we’d like to say a huge thank to everyone that made came along to help us celebrate.
This post was originally written by me for KickStart Ghana, who have full copyright. See the original post.

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