Road trippin’ the Great Ocean Road – Six must see sights

There are few greater things than a good road trip and when my friend Sharon and I realised we would be in Oz at the same time we couldn’t think of anything better then taking ourselves off to The Great Ocean Road to have an explore. The road, which was built to commemorate the services of the soldiers in the First World War, is a winding, cliff hugging 151 mile stretch from Torquay to Allansford.

Highlights range from hikes in to the forest, to spotting Kangaroos, to just sitting back and taking in the incredible cliff formations. Here are my top six must see sights.

1. The road itself

This sounds a little stupid but the road itself is incredible, both aesthetically and to those who like a bit of history. I’m not the only one that thinks so, it’s been heritage listed. The story behind it is fascinating, built by soldiers who had returned from the First World War. There are lots of stop off points along the way with loads information on this and some incredible viewing platforms.

dsc_0016fotor DSC_0020 DSC_0023 dsc_0025fotor dsc_0047fotor dsc_0049fotor dsc_0058fotor

You also come across an interesting road sign or two.


2. Sheoak Falls

Looking to explore the rainforest but you don’t want to give up a whole day to go trekking? The paths leading to Sheoak Falls are perfect for this. Within a few minutes you are out of sight and earshot of the road and treading paths with huge trees towering above you. The main waterfall is a stunner too with the deep pool at the bottom appearing black due to the incredibly dark rock. It is about an hour’s walking and includes a few ascents and descents but nothing that’s too challenging.

DSC_0030 DSC_0033

IMG-20140716-WA0002 DSC_0037 DSC_0038 DSC_0042

3. Cliff formations – The Twelve Apostles, London Arch and the Bay of Islands

The most famous tourist destination along the Great Ocean Road is the Twelve Apostles. These are a collection of limestone stacks that used to be part of the cliff face before being eroded by the sea. Despite the name we could only count a maximum of seven apostles and apparently there wasn’t even twelve in the first place! Awe inspiring views none-the-less.

dsc_0077fotor DSC_0087 dsc_0091fotor dsc_0103fotor

The next stop was London Arch. It used to be called London Bridge until the bit connecting the mainland to the stack collapsed (leaving people stranded and having to be picked up by helicopter!).


Our favourite cliff formation was the less touristy Bay of Islands, a huge empty beach with limestone rock formations stretching off in to the distance.


4. Great Otway National Park

The park itself is pretty special but what brings people here is the court of kangaroos (yes that is the correct noun for a group of them) and koalas that sit in the tree tops looking down, with slight disdain, on the many humans with cameras pointing in their direction. When entering the park we were a little unsure how we could spot such a small creature high up in the trees, but here’s how.


We spent a good hour crawling along in the car at 5mph looking in to the trees for the furry little things and we were lucky to spot quite a few.

dsc_0021fotor dsc_0030 (2)fotor dsc_0039fotor

As cute as they were nothing compared to coming across around 30 kangaroos relaxing in a field as were we about to leave. We were even lucky enough to see a couple of them have a boxing match!

dsc_0092fotor DSC_0070dsc_0090fotor DSC_0107 DSC_0109 DSC_0110

5. Apollo bay – sea kayaking with a seal colony

Continuing with the wildlife activities I would really recommend joining one of the kayaking tours that heads out to see a seal colony. The seals are incredible, if a bit smelly, and they swim right up to and around the kayaks. Our guide, Ryan, ticked every box of a stereotypical ‘surfer dude’ and was a brilliant fount of knowledge.



6. Cheese World

Last but not least is Cheese World. It might not make everyone’s “six must see sights” but once Sharon heard a rumour of this place at our hostel in Port Campbell she wouldn’t be put off finding it. To be fair it was a pretty cool attraction with an unlimited supply of free cheddar. I liked it so much that I ended up buying two packets of the overpriced dairy to bring home to the UK. It was a little more inspiring on the inside compared to the factory setting that you are met with as you drive up.

20140410_111457 20140410_112428 20140410_112821 20140410_113414 IMG-20140716-WA0003So there are my six must see sights. Have I missed anything? I’d love to go back and explore more, it was one of my favourite ever road trips.

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