Protesting with Amnesty UK for Albert Woodfox

Amnesty UK commissioned me to take photos at their latest march, protesting for Albert Woodfox, as part of their annual student conference.

“Albert has spent the last 43 years in solitary confinement. Despite having his conviction overturned three times and an appeals court ruling his immediate and unconditional release, Albert remains in his 6×4 foot solitary cell, thanks to a campaign of vengeance from Louisiana state officials.” Read more and sign the petition for his freedom on the Amnesty website.

The idea for the protest was to take cardboard cut-outs of Albert to various London landmarks, in traditional routemaster buses, to show that he should be free to visit these places himself. The 150 students would then head to the US Embassy to stand up for Albert.

The students were fantastic all day, so passionate and knowledgeable about the cause and Amnesty’s wider aims. There was a big cohort the LSESU Amnesty Society, making their voices heard too.

Photos from the day below.

20141107_155324600_iOS 20141107_155437000_iOS 20141107_155524300_iOS 20141107_155721200_iOS 20141107_155629800_iOS20141107_155833400_iOS20141107_160003200_iOS20141107_155809500_iOS 20141107_160325900_iOS 20141107_160357400_iOS 20141107_160623700_iOS 20141107_160741000_iOS 20141107_161203800_iOS 20141107_161449100_iOS 20141107_161541700_iOS 20141107_161708200_iOS 20141107_161758000_iOS 20141107_163807400_iOS 20141107_163936400_iOS 20141107_164553200_iOS 20141107_164618500_iOS 20141107_164808400_iOS 20141107_165238100_iOS 20141107_165654600_iOS 20141107_165905900_iOS 20141107_165929700_iOS 20141107_172415200_iOS 20141107_172609000_iOS 20141107_172927900_iOS 20141107_172942500_iOS 20141107_173048300_iOS 20141107_173118300_iOS 20141107_173123200_iOS 20141107_173246800_iOS 20141107_173355400_iOS 20141107_173532100_iOS 20141107_174206300_iOS 20141107_174447400_iOS 20141107_175036600_iOS 20141107_175115200_iOS 20141107_175237000_iOS 20141107_175323700_iOS 20141107_175424300_iOS

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