I should be writing this from a cafe in Cambodia but I’m actually sitting in my parents living room watching Pointless. Now, as pleasant as this is it certainly wasn’t part of the plan when I was drawing up the itinerary for my sabbatical from LSE.

One broken hand, a flight home and an operation later and here I am. The likelihood is I’m stuck in London for all of February whilst my hand recovers. Being 33 and having to ask your mum to open the coffee jar isn’t what I envisaged 2018 being about when I set off, but I appreciate how lucky I am that I can come back to an incredible health service and people to nurse me back to full fitness.

Other benefits to being home include: being able to write a really good complaint letter to my travel insurance company (I didn’t want to be health tourist in the UK), seeing loved ones, leaving items behind that aren’t needed on the road, writing up some blog ideas, chilling with my family’s new cats and catching some football (Spurs better beat Arsenal). Being forced to come home also made me realise how much I was enjoying every moment in Southeast Asia and the decision I took to leave work for 8 months was 100% the right one.

If anyone has any other staycation ideas please let me know. Although I can’t wait to get back on a plane I can’t remember when I had so much free time in London so I should take advantage of that rather than mope round. More upbeat, and sunnier, blogs to come; I promise.

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