Church at St Cecilia’s

On Sunday the whole KickStart Ghana Summer School team were invited to meet the community of the church that is connected to the school. We were all really honoured to be invited (even if 7am was a little early…) and were asked to introduce ourselves to the 300 people at the service. The Father also […]

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A busy two weeks

Two weeks already? Ghana has a fantastic way of making time go incredibly slow and fast at the same time. When you are waiting for a tro-tro (mini bus) to fill up, knocking back unwanted offers of meat on a stick, in the mid-day heat and humidity, it feels like the seconds are minutes and the minutes […]

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Ghana, Ghana, Ghana!

“Three months in Ghana? Wow, that’s a long time,” is the phrase I’ve been hearing a lot recently. Sure, three months in West Africa isn’t the typical summer vacation but I know from experience that the time will zip by in a flurry of volunteers, projects, blog posts and Azonto moves. This summer I’m acting […]

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Originally posted on lifelauralondon:
It’s not rounders. It’s actual softball. We play in a charity league with my friend Dave’s charity KickStart Ghana.  Last year we were the little-team-that-could and knocked out other charity teams who had 100x the amount of staff/budget/resources of KSG. This year or record isn’t as good, but to be fair…

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Double your donations!

KickStart Ghana supporter and fundraiser, Adrian Coles (aka Dave’s dad), has set me a fundraising challenge for March. For every person that donates to my marathon fundraising effort over the month and writes the word “double” in the message box he will personally match their donation up. He has pledged an amazing £500. This means […]

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KickStart Ghana Party 2012

On Saturday 13th October we hosted our annual party celebrating the successes of KickStart Ghana, giving a big thanks to those that have volunteered with us and explaining why people might want to get involved with our work in the future. Over the past four years we have many successes, here are few we discussed at […]

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