A series of fantastic events.

Great blog from Luke Venn about football coaching in Ghana and life in Ho.

Luke's Mystical Adventures

Last time I wrote I briefly updated you readers on what happened between me getting here and going to ada foah, since then there have been a few things that have happened and I will run you through these one by one before giving a brief overview of what its like living in Ho.

The football training is really good, ive been coaching the mens team for the last 3 weeksish,  which is more enjoybale than coaching the kids I think, however im not really sure as I haven’t done much kids yet.  The men are a pretty decent side, and at the moment there at a stage where they are trying to market their players to bigger clubs inside Ghana, and eventually outside Ghana as well, they play in division 2 of the Ghanain leagues so are pretty handy.

 Weve gotten into a routine where we split the U17’s…

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