Ghana V Zambia

“I recommend that you get inside before it gets too busy,” said Mourinho (not the Mourinho, but Dan’s friend) to us as we stood outside the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi, each of us grasping a ticket to Ghana’s final group stage match of the 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign. With over four hours to kick-off Chris, Luke, Coco and I thought entering now would be a little premature, but who were we to say no to Mourinho? Especially as he was suited and booted like the fabled Chelsea boss as well.

As soon as we entered the stadium we were glad that we had followed his advice. It was already half full with bands in full swing and people dancing through the aisles. Over the next few hours the stadium was to fill to bursting point, certainly above the official capacity, but with a crucial match to be played (the winner would go through to the next stage of qualification) nobody wanted to miss out.

We certainly got in to the spirit of the occasion with Ghana football shirts, hats, flags and some amazing face painting completed by Coco. I like to think that our fervent support helped the Black Stars to their 2-1 victory and another step closer to Brazil 2014. Below are a few photos from our big day out.


Still over four hours to kick off!
Two hours to kick off


Once people had seen Coco’s face painting skills they all wanted in on the action.
The face painting went down fairly well
Guess who we’re supporting


Now I’m ready for kick off
Not an empty seat in the house
Finish this sentence…


Ghana see out the match under a gorgeous Kumasi sunset

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