I should be writing this from a cafe in Cambodia but I’m actually sitting in my parents living room watching Pointless. Now, as pleasant as this is it certainly wasn’t part of the plan when I was drawing up the itinerary for my sabbatical from LSE. One broken hand, a flight home and an operation […]

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Going up The Shard

The Shard; a proud monument showcasing the best of British or London’s ugliest building ruining the capital’s skyline? I’m not sure which opinion I take but I was excited to see the view from the 69th floor viewing platform. Luckily we had a break with the weather and were treated to some stunning views. We […]

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Six must see sights in Ghana

“Akwaaba! Wezo! Amaraba!” are all greetings you will hear when travelling in Ghana (they all mean “welcome” if you are not fluent in Ghana’s 75 languages). Ghana isn’t normally near the top of the list of places to visit as a tourist but as the Brandt Travel Guide states, “As travel destinations go, Ghana is […]

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