A birthday bridge climb

Being in Sydney for the big ‘three-oh’ was always going to be a lot more fun than the rainy UK, but little did I know that I would be spending it almost 500 feet above Sydney Harbour on one of the most iconic bridges in the world.

I was under strict instructions that I wasn’t allowed to have a birthday morning drink and then I was given this by an excited sister (she’s quite the artist!).


After applying copious amounts of sun cream we headed down to the bridge climb reception. After a bit of searching we realised we should have been looking at the lampposts for directions.



Soon we had our tickets and were nervously waiting to go through the door of no return.


This is where the breathalyse you (no drink climbing allowed!) and ask each person to sign a huge waiver form, giving away all your rights in case something terrible happens to you. It was at this point they explain that for safety reasons no cameras can be taken to the top, but our team leader would be taking some of us during the adventure.

It was continued ‘safety, safety, safety’ from when we met our tour guide. We did a practice climb on an indoor bridge, made sure we were buckled up, were given some flattering headware (see pic below) and applied plenty more sun cream.

After that we were ready to go! We were led out on a wooden board under the road of the bridge and then climbed a series of ladders. It’s a bit disconcerting when your head pops up at road level and cars are zooming past on one side and a train on the other but soon we were on top of the bridge and easing in to a pretty relaxed walk to the top.


Our leader led us at a fairly slow pace, which is perfect as it gives you loads of chance to look at the amazing views over the harbour and city, bathed in gorgeous sunshine. When we reached the top we had a load more photos taken, including one of the whole of our group.

329114527 329114528 329114538 329114544 329114545

In what seemed like no time we were being led down the ladders and back to the safety of the harbour side.

I can’t recommend the bridge climb highly enough. It’s not the cheapest thing to do in Sydney, and I was very lucky to be given the experience as a present, but the views from the top are breathtaking. It takes two hours to complete as well so you get plenty of time to really enjoy the climb. It felt completely safe at all times and the older person to have completed it was over 100 years old! What are you waiting for?

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