The MoonWalk 2014

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited by The Tootsie Rollers back stage for the brilliant concert held for all of the inspirational fundraisers completing The MoonWalk 2014. The 20,000 people packed in a tent waiting to complete a 26.2 mile walk were treated to brilliant music and inspirational speeches, just in case they needed any further motivation.

When I arrived The Hound Dogs were completing a stomping Rock ‘n’ Roll set and had everyone on their feet.

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Soon it was time for the toe-tapping Tootsie Rollers to take the stage, with their brand new bras! The girls, along with Hayley Sanderson, had written the official song for the event, Walk the Walk. Check it out, very catchy.

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Everyone went wild for the girls, singing and clapping along. I’m sure the song would have been sung all over London during the walk later in the night.

The Tootsies went and met with some of the walkers to wish them luck for the long night ahead and check out the amazing bras on show!



The most moving part of the evening was a minute’s silence to remember all those that have been affected by Breast Cancer. Nina Barough, Walk the Walk founder and one of the most inspirational people I’ve been lucky enough to meet, had everyone hold hands in the air during the minute.


It was impossible not to feel the emotion in the hall during the silence but Nina did a fantastic job of getting everyone’s spirits soaring again by instigating the biggest hug I’ve ever seen.


Soon after it was time for everyone to start the walk. Before they had even started the total raised was an incredible £3.7 million, an astonishing amount. I can’t wait to see what the final total is. A big shout out must be given to all the volunteers that made this event happen, without them it wouldn’t have gone ahead.

Well done to everyone involved and I hope to be lucky enough to attend again next year.

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