You know you’ve been living in Tamale, Ghana for almost two years when…

Great blog from Steph who has been volunteering with VSO in northern Ghana for the past two years. I can relate to some of these even after just a few weeks in Ghana.

Steph in Ghana: Tales from a Development Volunteer

  • You no longer find it strange to see a wide screened TV / fridge / live goat / dead goat / bicycle / a whole family / a bare saw/spade/hammer or tightly strapped bible being carried on a motorbike
  • You are perfectly comfortable talking to complete strangers in a shared taxi with a cracked windscreen and broken doors
  • You can’t get your motorbike started and feel completely free to beckon a complete stranger to come and help you
  • You fully expect to see vehicles coming towards you at a keen pace on the wrong side of the road and are now using your horn freely
  • The metro mass bus station feels like home
  • You do your fruit shopping by stopping at the side of the road on your motorbike in proximity to a fruit stall, opening the visor of your helmet and shouting for what you want
  • A trip to…

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