A Ghanaian Summer – 2015

Despite it being almost two years it barely felt like I’d been away when I went through customs at Kotoka Airport in Accra. The same humidity, big queues for immigration and Dan being late to meet me. As always though my experiences in Ghana were huge fun and a lot of work was completed. I’ve already blogged about my impression of the voluntary sector in Ghana and below are some of my favourite photos from my trip.

Working with my fellow volunteers; Ghanaian, Togolese, Zambian, Hungarian or British was a pleasure as always. They all seemed to have a good time and they should be proud of the work that they completed.

Daniel and Anna inspect the condition of a KickStart Ghana school partner.
Gareth from Leeds Beckett University.
Faith, a staff member of Leeds Beckett University.
Daniel and his fellow Dynamo FC coaches.
Kerry, our 2015 Volunteer Coordinator and serial blogger.

20140828_112236800_iOS 20140831_120113900_iOS 20140831_121728800_iOS

The summer school, in conjunction with St Cecilia’s, appeared to be a successful as previous years. I look forward to reading the M&E report. Admitting twice as many students was a challenge but something that teachers and volunteers alike rose too. The enthusiasm for young people to learn when given the right encouragement never fails to inspire. The children represented their school and families extremely well.

The key aims from the volunteers’ lessons.
Madame Rejoice, seen on the left, leads the junior school fantastically as Headmistress.
Celebrations on the final day of school.

20140826_111204600_iOS 20140826_113810100_iOS 20140826_115944900_iOS 20140831_114410600_iOS

Football coaching was fun, challenging and sweaty and it was great to be working with Dynamo FC again.

20140826_170559500_iOS 20140826_172533000_iOS 20140826_173205400_iOS 20140826_173323500_iOS

Ghana continues to shine on the tourism front and as always it was a pleasure to check out Elmina Castle, Kakum National Park and stay in the wonderful Coconut Grove Beach Resort.

20140829_101550000_iOS 20140829_104544400_iOS 20140829_132259400_iOS 20140829_155749200_iOS 20140829_155847000_iOS 20140829_160437700_iOS 20140829_161243700_iOS 20140829_161333400_iOS 20140829_165800100_iOS 20140829_165914300_iOS 20140829_170809600_iOS 20140829_170820100_iOS 20140830_130735000_iOS 20140830_132342100_iOS 20140830_133207100_iOS 20140830_133639000_iOS 20140830_133700300_iOS 20140830_134356700_iOS

The Ghanaian sunsets continue to impress as well.

20140829_170855000_iOS 20140829_171459500_iOS 20140829_173016500_iOS 20140829_173805000_iOS


And, finally, where would anyone involved in KickStart Ghana be without these two?


So there are a few of my favourite photos from Ghana this summer. Keep an eye on the KickStart Ghana Facebook Page, Twitter and Blog for more over the coming weeks.

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