Documentary: The Voluntourist

“In a globalised world where information is so easily accessible young people are becoming more and more aware of the disparities that exist in the world and “voluntourism” is seen as a good way for them to help those who are less fortunate. But without any skills and over shorts period of time how much do you truly help?”

The above lines, a direct quote from a new film by Chloe Sanguinetti, sum up the premise of this documentary. What difference are people making by flying thousands of miles to volunteer in a new country? Are people being taken advantage of by unscrupulous organisations if they are paying a lot of money to volunteer? Finally, how can someone make a sustainable difference in a cause that they’re passionate about?

This film isn’t always feel-good but it asks some hard hitting questions and is essential viewing for anyone thinking about volunteering abroad. It might be useful for some organisations that promote unethical opportunities to watch as well.

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