Ghana from above

I written several blogs on must see sights in Ghana (part 1 & part 2) and even a blog with 23 photos showing why you should never visit Ghana. I like to try and challenge the stereotype that West Africa isn’t a tourist friendly place to visit and has as many captivating attractions as anywhere else in the world.

Over the past few years drone photography has grown a huge amount and there are several groups showcasing the best Ghana has to offer from the skies. Below are some of my favourite videos.

1. Ada Foah – Where the river meets the ocean

I visited Ada Foah for the first time last summer and it’s truly beautiful. Palm lined beaches with the quiet river on one side of the beach and the roaring Atlantic on the other.

2. Wli Falls, Volta Region

The whole of the Volta Region is a hidden gem for tourists. Only 5% of international visitors make it there. If you’re looking for incredible hiking, breathtaking views and the highest waterfall in West Africa make sure you add it to your itinerary.

3. Black Star Square, Accra

Accra isn’t the most tourist friendly city I’ve ever visited but it does have a huge amount of history and significance especially at Black Star Square where independence is celebrated each year. It’s next to the national stadium and Black Star Gate.

4. Surfing in Busua

Ghana has a small but vibrant and growing surf culture. It even had a feature piece in The Guardian in 2014. Warm waters, great waves and cheap beer make it the perfect surf spot. Check out Ahanta Waves if you’re looking for lessons.

5. Fort Batenstein ruins

These ruins, not ones that I’ve visited, are one of many stark reminders of the slave trade and colonialism dotted along the coast in Ghana. The paradox being the natural beauty that surrounds them.

6. Jamestown Accra

Jamestown is one of the oldest districts of Accra and is centred around the imposing light house built in the 1930s. Jamestown has a proud boxing tradition and apparently invented Azonto!

7. Meet Me There Ecolodge

I’m hoping to visit Meet Me There Ecolodge in June 2017 as firstly, it looks stunning and secondly it is run by an NGO that reinvests the profits in to their programmes. I’m confident I can survive a few days there fairly comfortably.

If you’re looking for further drone videos in Ghana check out the whole list from Fly High Africa and follow David Kwamena Bolton on Instagram who posts incredible footage on a regular basis.

4 thoughts on “Ghana from above

  1. We were listening to Desert Island Discs on R4 today which featured Ed Sheeran. He was talking about taking time out from being a ‘pop star’ to travel and relax for, I think, several months. During that time he travelled to Japan and Ghana and raved about Ghana and what a great time he’d had. He’d written songs and performed them to local audiences then partied with them after.


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  2. I also have interest in meet me there, I’d wanted to visit during last year hogbetsotso festival, unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the festival so I guess it’s coming on this year.

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