24 photos to show why you should never visit Cornwall

24 photos to show why you should never, ever, visit Cornwall.

1. Awful beaches

2. Ugly islands

3. Boring theatres

4. Terrible ice cream

5. Unattractive fishing villages

6. Mundane stories

7. No water sports

8. Boring walks

9. Dirty seas

10. Little history

11. Disappointing views

12. Hideous harbours

13. Plain gardens

14. Uninspiring transport links

15. Ugly boats

16. No nature reserves

17. Few remnants of a proud past

18. Still awful beaches

19. Did I mention the views weren’t worth it?

20. Not a pretty harbour in sight

21. No nice pubs

22. Bland menus

23. No tourist attractions

24. Lacking traditional local food

Have I missed any reasons not to visit Cornwall?

45 thoughts on “24 photos to show why you should never visit Cornwall

    1. It went to hell when my gf grandfather James Richard french left in 1830 from Tintagel to go to British north america…

    2. Your picture of food shows jam from Essex. And you have nothing to say about the language and culture. War agas meth!

    1. Cornwall is a lovely place to visit, and all those comments are reasons to visit Cornwall, not to not visit Cornwall. They have the cleanest beaches, best views, plenty of history, good entertainment, seaside walks, etc. My ancestors were Cornish, and I spent some of my childhood days there visiting them.

  1. You didn’t post any pictures of Hayle beach, its tiny even at low tide and no sand anywhere 😉
    Also no fancy restaurants 😉

  2. Been going down Cornwall for over 40 years and now store my tourer down there. Don’t know why I bother but guess it’s better than queuing at airports, hunting for luggage, checking delays etc.etc. I don’t mind about the weather as I haven’t paid a fortune for the sun and don’t have to get up at 5am to grab a sun lounger by a pool.I’m picky about my food but can just about manage a pasty and scrumptious cream tea eating at a local coastal cafe overlooking the sea, the sand the beautiful scenery and passing the time chatting with a local. Oh yes, just a few of the reasons why I absolutely love Cornwall rain or shine!!

    1. I love this comment. We found Cornwall two years ago when we bought our tourer and have just arranged storage as we just can’t face any more airports. I am 69 my husband is 70 and we wish we had chosen Cornwall sooner. We stay at Pentewan mostly and I have booked six weeks there and a week in St Ives at Ayr. Can’t wait for our first week at Easter. Thank you. I really enjoyed your comment

  3. Don’t listen to the sour comments, Cornwall is beautiful you’ll love it and have a wonderful holiday, a warm welcome everywhere you go from the kind and considerate local folk.
    Bring 💰 😁

  4. Love Cornwall, best thing I heard a local say was ‘You think we’re all country bums down here,but when you goes home we’ve got your money !’

  5. Wouldn’t catch me going there every year Its horrible ( shhhh don’t let everyone in on its beauty they will all want to go 🙂 )

  6. Don’t highlight it too much or I’ll never be able to get out of my front door as it will be too packed, haha

  7. Been going ro st Ives for the past 8 years and to be honest it’s not bad (only joking it’s amazing) would I go again ermmm why not got nothing better to do ( love it really )

  8. I was born in Crantock opposit the chuch in Rose Cottage, went to Cubert infant school, and later my late parents moved to Newquay. Although I have no family in Newquay, my brother does have a business there. I now live in Oxfordshire, where I moved to for work, but if I can ever afford a home down there, I plan on coming back. With prices as they are, I am looking at renting. There simply is no where like Cornwall, it will always be my home, the land of my birth, and I am proud of my hertiage.

  9. Amazing scenery, lovely grub, delightful Cornish folks who’ve always welcomed us. We have always loved Cornwall since first holiday there sixty years ago, there’s nowhere like it ❤️❤️

  10. David.. that was hysterical.. I can see you will do ANYTHING to keep Cornwall for yourself!!Very clever! Keeping the tourists out is the best way to REALLY enjoy Cornwall.. the best spot in the world and I’ve seen a few…..thank you for the laugh..

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