23 photos to show why you should never visit Laos

23 photos to show why you should never, ever, visit Laos.

1. The night markets are ghastly

2. The waterfalls are ugly

3. There are no places to enjoy a beer with a view

4. Terrible sunsets

5. Mundane architecture

6. Disappointing views

7. Horrible food

8. No history

9. Little religious heritage

10. Boring boats

11. The waterfalls are too small

12. Nothing to see when you go for a walk

13. Awful sights from the air

14. Building decorations are boring

15. Poor mountain ranges

16. Mundane caves

17. Tiny rivers

18. The water is not a good colour

19. No attractive cycling routes

20. City views are average

21. Avoid the ponds

22. The food markets are not popular

23. As I said the sunsets are really, really bad

So there are my reasons to never, ever visit Laos. Did I miss any?

6 thoughts on “23 photos to show why you should never visit Laos

  1. Hey there 🙂
    Would be great to know where each pictures was taken? I just booked a flight for next February and can’t wait to enjoy these beautiful spots!

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