On the hunt for London’s best burger

Burgers are in vogue. Everywhere you look these days there’s one for sale; from pop-up stalls to pubs to restaurants, the choice is endless. This is a food that has morphed from being predominantly a quick way to bag a bite to eat to high dining and a specialist cuisine.

The cynic might say, “A bread bun, with a piece if meat in the middle. What’s the fuss, right?” Wrong. What type of cheese? Sauce? Pickles? Fried onions? Bacon (obvs)? Pink in the middle? Brioche? Fries or wedges? Like a mathematician with an equation to solve these are the calculations that flow through the burger connoisseurs mind the moment they set their sights on the type of satisfaction that can only be found with that first bite of a perfectly cooked and seasoned patty.

However, not all burgers are born equal and the explosion of choice has led to superb offerings and pale imitations. The disappointment that accompanies a soggy bun and cold chips is an emotion I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. That’s why my friend Dave and I are prepared to put our tastebuds on the line in the hunt for burger nirvana.

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be bringing you reviews based on four criteria: taste, ambience, extras (toppings, sides and drinks) and value for money. You probably won’t agree with us on every review, and it’s certain Dave and I won’t agree with each other, but that’s all part of this never ending debate.

So I urge you to join us on our noble quest to find London’s best burger.

Dave and Dave

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