Burger review: MeatMarket


Taste: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3/5
Extras (toppings, sides and drinks): 3.5/5
Value for money: 2/5
Overall: 3/5

A tasty burger, with great sides and drinks in a cool venue but when you’re left hungry at one of the more expensive burger joints in London it’s impossible to give top marks.

MeatMarket: the original rocker of the burger world. The restaurant that wants you to get in touch with your dark side and avoid the consequences until the morning. And it’s easy to indulge with a jam packed menu full of tempting choices, from burgers and hot dogs to ‘hard’ shakes and jalapeño poppers. Once ordered you wait at your table, beer in hand, and get a chance to soak up the industrial punk rock vibe that runs through the whole place, along with an excellent playlist being pumped out by the speakers.

The only real disappointment came when the burger arrived, with both of us thinking, “is that it?”. It isn’t big and certainly not enough to soak up all the liquor that’s been advertised on the menu. It tastes good though, with plenty of toppings, and the accompanying chilli cheese fries were excellent, doused in jalapeños (see above for awareness of consequences in the morning). Admittedly we shared the portion of fries but we were both left just a bit hungry and we put that down to the size of the burger, we just needed a few more mouthfuls. However, if you have money to burn MeatMarket is well worth the visit, even if its only to roll with those chilli cheese fries.

Dave C order: Bacon cheeseburger, chilli cheese fries (shared), can of Estrella.

Date T order: Dead Hippie burger, can of HOBO.

Cost per head: £16.30 (with shared fries)

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