Say it quietly, but things are getting better

It’s not easy living in a world with Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and the Daily Mail. Stick to those three and it would be easy to believe that life is getting worse every passing day and there is little hope for any of us.

Look at the facts, however, and we’re told a different story. On the whole the world is becoming a better place to live and bring up a family. Of course, we are not without challenges, climate change in the main, but we have lots of reasons to be optimistic.

Since I was born extreme poverty has gone down by two thirds, child labour has significantly declined, we have more leisure time, food has got cheaper, we’re living longer, children are less likely to die, so are their mothers during child birth, less people smoke, less people die in war, you’re less likely to be murdered, the world is more democratic, more children are going to school, beer consumption is up (!) and the list goes on.

Check out the full article to see how all of the above is true and watch the video below for more insights. And next time someone tells you how awful the world is remind them that, whilst things aren’t perfect, they are getting better.

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